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From this page:

Shamanite™ black Limestone/Calcite with a few fossils in it.
Master Shamanite™ "Garden variety black Limestone/Calcite with a few fossils in it. Nothing about it, such as fossils or trace minerals like Strontianite and Zircon, is unusual. The commercial value of this stone is a few cents, but it is sold for 10's of dollars. Clearly a scam." Note: I find it interesting that Shamanite is trademarked by a company in Florida. However, Robert Simmons shows a trademark on his name, Master Shamanite, as well. I found nothing in any trademark database that proves he has trademarked the name Master Shamanite.
I don't doubt that these stones have power, but I personally find it a little sketchy to trademark a stone belonging to the Earth and charge more exorbinant prices for them when they're not that rare. Just my $0.02...
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