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Thank you for your responses.

Originally Posted by ben Anat View Post
From this page:
I don't doubt that these stones have power, but I personally find it a little sketchy to trademark a stone belonging to the Earth and charge more exorbinant prices for them when they're not that rare. Just my $0.02...
I totally agree with how absurd it is to trademark a naturally occurring mineral... I mean, what gives anyone the right, yes?

Conversely, had it not gone by a name that caught my eye, I may have passed it, as it is simply impossible to see, touch, feel the energy of every stone, even spending all day (which I do, sometimes even all weekend! ), at Gemfest.

Originally Posted by Beancrew49 View Post
Black Calcite is actually pretty rare. Just because it's composition is made up of some common materials, that does not make the whole common. As far as I know, the only place in the world it's found is in Colorado. As a person who can sense crystal energy, I can say with absolute surety that is holds a unique energy.

(Native Americans in the area have been using it for journeying for quite a long time)

In the end, the true value of Black Calcite is what you determine it to be. If you like to journey to the underworld I find that it's one of the more valuable stones to take with you. Can you put a price on that? What is it? That's all up to you.
Precisely! I don't buy stones online anymore unless that is the nly lace i can find what I'm after, and then I end up disappointed... much better to wait for the opportunity to feel that stone myself, as only then will i know if i connect with it.. And this one, while definitely more expensive than other calcites (except for the most gorgeous mangano specimens), did feel like I absolutely needed to take it home... not every piece, of which there were a few, just the one that came home... it tingled, buzzed, and zapped me... gently! I haven't yet had the space or time to do any journeying with it, but it will definitely come with me... I most often take one black and one white stone with me, so......
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