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John Michael Greer, in his Encyclopedia of the Occult, describes two traditions about Metatron:
"There are two different traditions about Metatron's place in Heaven. One pictures him as an angel created at or before the creation of the world, and sees him as the most exalted spiritual power created by God."
He goes on to describe the second as the Enoch tradition.

I'm not sure Shekinah in the Trinick image is supposed to be an angel. Waite often refers to Shekinah with wings, using the phrase "the wings of Shekinah."

The W-S Lovers appears to me to reflect ideas from the Zohar, including the mystery of sex and earthly matrimony. These are discussed in The Secret Doctrine in Israel and The Holy Kabbalah. Actually there's still a lot about this particular image I'm curious about. The Trinick image reflects Waite's own mysticism more clearly, especially the union of soul and spirit as illustrated by the holding of hands.
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