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Deck 04

DECK 04 / (scans: GrimaudTdM04)
Copyright: © . GRIMAUD 1963
All cards have a copyright
French and english titles
Background color: white
Normal cardstock
Red box with L'AMOUREUX on one side
REF. G 103
Cards: 64,5 mm x 122 mm
Deck thickness: 26 mm

In order to get enough place on the cards for the bilingual titles, the pictures have saddly been changed! For example LA JUSTICE doesnt stay anymore on a ground, the lion in LA FORCE looses his leg, LE PENDU is smaller and thiner, the sword of LE DIABLE has been shorten, the twins in LE SOLEIL are much nearer to the sun, LE MONDE and her guirlande are smaller, but the other figure did not change ...
I find also the cardback a little bit funny with the pattern that come from LE SOLEIL and 4 D'ÉPÉE. I could not find out where does the funny top of the flower come from (maybe from 3 DE DENIERS)
All in all, this is not my prefered deck
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