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An Introduction of ME and MY contribution to the study - Two Cards

Hi, fellow studiers! I just wanted to introduce myself to you all in THIS thread, rather than in our real study group thread, since Dave did such a good job of formatting that thread to be consistent. My name is Barb, and I live in Northeast Tennessee in the USA. I am married w/ four blended-family children, all of whom are grown. I discovered Tarot just after Thanksgiving last year, when Christmas shopping for my brother. He got ONE new deck, and I have jumped into this wonderful world by going crazy with deck collection. Now I'm hungry to learn how to use my new tools for inspiration. That is where I see Mary's "21-Ways to Read a Tarot Card" coming into much use for me.

I will be doing TWO cards in our study, "THE CHARIOT" and "ACE OF WANDS" and have already posted my Step ONE threads this morning on the study group thread.

I have decided to use primarily the "Intuitive Tarot" deck by Cilla Conway, but I probably will change decks throughout the study, to give myself plenty of images of each of these two cards (Chariot & Ace of Wands) to learn from. The reason I will be changing decks is to take advantage of my card scans of my entire collection. I have printed scans of all of my decks. There are 5-6 card images on each sheet of paper (all for the same card, for example the Fool). I have five sheets to accomodate the scans for all of my decks; so I can see all 25+ images of the Fool Card side by side for easy comparison. It has been a great tool to see how different artists depict the same card in so many ways.

Anyhow, back to our study. I did the 3-card draw as suggested in the book, and turned up the Ace of Wands as one of the three cards (the other two did NOT speak to me). This card has always been very special to me, as it represents energy (which I need!) and new ideas & inspiration. I am a perimenopausal woman (age 48), and this card REALLY speaks to me to get BACK the energy that has been waning over the last year or so!

However, since the New Year, I have also been doing my own study of one randomly drawn CARD OF THE DAY, generated off the "Voyager Tarot" site, since it is easy and automatic. Today's draw gave me the Chariot Card, even before I tried Mary's 3-card spread for our 21-Ways study group. Well, this particular card seems to me to go hand-in-hand with my current quest to not only regain the ENERGY of my former self, but to find the WILLPOWER to see this quest through.

So for that reason, I will be participating in our study group with these two cards, The Chariot and Ace of Wands. See you folks over on the study group.

Oh, and Dave, as a suggestion for tomorrow's thread for Step One, we might want to have an introduction thread. I can paste this stuff into it, and add any other information to our intro thread so we all know who we are studying with (if you think that makes sense).

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