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More Thoughts

I want to thank Two of Wands and Silverlotus for a LOT of work here. I'm going to be doing more lurking than posting, but I'll jump in where I can. I'm slowly reading up through the message chains right now.

Thoughts on the magician: Not much new insight I'm afraid. I guess I can cast my vote on how I see a few issues.

I always saw this magician as male. Looking closer I see the ambiguity now. I like the earlier comment about shaman being otherworldly and uncomfortable. I also thought shapeshifter when I first saw this card. I think that's the strangeness. Not to be crass, but I think some of that fur on his chest is his, not the skin's, and this would be a very flat-chested woman. Perhaps I just simply like the traditional meanings and sex divisions of the magician and the high priestess. I have a knee-jerk reaction against changing it -- sorta like I would react to a high priestess card with a beard. LOL

I see the wolf as a totem animal/spirit protector. It also serves to reaffirm the male roles of hunter, protector, and active agent. It jumps out of a very large fire -- the male elements of fire and air being dominant in this card, with water almost absent, and earth performing an almost cradling protective role as is the moon above.

I see the primary meaning of this magician card as unchanged from RWS. He is the active, powerful creator who commands and pulls together the elements. He is the master of skills and knowledge. Maintaining the traditional meanings of the card does not invalidate the alternative meanings that have been mentioned -- I like them ALL, I just see them as secondary or setting the mood or additional enhancements. So for example in Wicca/Witchcraft we are supposed to be close to nature. Therefore, of course the magician in this deck is at one with nature -- not prim and sophisticated and removed from nature (like a cerimonial magician might be?) or book-learning and engineering-inclined like in the Hudes deck. I always thought willpower and creativity were part of the traditional meaning! They are certainly in evidence.

I love the work that's been done finding meaning in many of the background elements of this card. Thank you all!

This is one of my favorite magicians.

-- Zagone
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