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Originally Posted by Two of Wands
The bolt of lightening coming out of the clear night sky in The Magician card, is in fact a distorted reflection of the shape made by the jagged paths going off in different directions up the hill in The Fool card
I am re-reading through the majors already done, so apologies if anything I say that has been mentioned before.

This paragraph above was the second thing I noticed. The Fool card is depicted during the day, the Magician - the night. Enlightment yes, but also choices to be made. It kind of makes me feel that during the daytime, everything feels safer, the road can be seen as it lays ahead, yet at night everything takes on a darker feel, more obscured. The night here is lit only by the stars and full moon. Perhaps this is showing that the path of the Fool may have more hidden darker depths than he realises ..... and perhaps this is why the Magician is casting her runes ........ perhaps the Fool is indeed in front of her, awaiting her advice. This also makes me feel that the Wolf is that of a spirit guide, there to protect as she casts and is connected to different planes of energy at the same time.
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