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Tarotphelia's Daily Spread

Here's one that I use when I have the time, developed by Tarotphelia. I'll let her explain.....from a previous thread:

Tarotphelia's Daily Spread
I made up this spread because I was dissatisfied with just one card for a day- I like a spread that gives more specifics.

1. What I should do today.

2. What I shouldn't do today.

3. The Unexpected

4. How can I be happy today?

5. Spiritual Advice




People not might be comfortable asking for so much direction, but I have found it very useful.

There are sometimes relationships between the positions to watch for. For example, if 4 says you would be happy spending money, but 2 says you should'nt be letting loose of any pentacles , you might reconsider! Especially if the card of the unexpected indicates a pentacle crisis of some kind.

The unexpected & the spiritual advice cards can come in very handy to to tip you off to stressful or nice things coming , and give you a direction for how to deal with them the best way.

If the cards are layed out and seem to have no relation to one another, sometimes it is a general message to be taken as a whole, rather than based on the meanings of the positions.

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