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Question about Lenormand card meaning

Could someone please help me in understanding the meaning of one of the Lenormand cards? Everything I have read about card 17 The Stork says that it means moving house, change. I can't see why.

To the best of my knowledge I've never seen a stork, though I did see a stork nest in Germany. I know nothing about storks, so I looked them up on the Internet. There are nineteen species of stork. They range in height from two to five feet. They are devoted parents and their nest sites are often colonies. They lay between three and six eggs, which hatch in five weeks. They are carnivorous, eating snails, frogs, fish, and birds. They cannot vocalise, but make a noise with their bills. There has been a severe decline in their numbers since World War Two. For unknown reasons, storks are considered lucky.

What has any of this got to do with change or moving house?
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