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Thank you for your explanations. Grizabella's makes the most sense to me. I hadn't thought about a stork's nest blocking the chimney of a house as the one and only stork nest I've ever seen wasn't built on top of a house. But certainly, having to build a new nest would mean change, for the stork, anyway.

Everything I read about storks on the Internet stressed heavily what caring parents they are. One reference said that some storks shield their chicks from the sun by standing over them with outstretched wings. Such behaviour does seem to link the bird to the associated card, the Queen of Hearts.

I found one interesting site where the stork is referred to in The Aberdeen Bestiary, written in England around 1200. While it didn't explain the connection with change or being new, it did bring up some intriguing thoughts of the time.

It is said also that the stork is the enemy of snakes. Snakes are evil thoughts or evil brothers; the stork strikes snakes with its bill, as the righteous check evil thoughts or reprimand their wicked brothers with penetrating rebukes.
I'm sorry if I'm merely going over what everyone else already knows. The Lenormand is still very new to me.
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