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Originally Posted by Akuts
I'm sorry if I'm merely going over what everyone else already knows. The Lenormand is still very new to me.
I don't think anyone "already knows" all there is to discover. Some may have a longer history with the cards than others, but as Gavriela said, the more you learn, the more proficient you become. And too, even when you think you've got a good handle on a card, something new (a Stork? ) can always turn up if you're open to it. Then everything you've already learned before is modified a bit to assimate the additional information.

Like the quote you offered about the stork being the enemy of snakes. That is so cool to learn - for me, at least - because now when I get Storks and Snake together in a spread, I'm going to specifically look for the more positive aspects of Snake rather than the negatives.

So really, it's an ongoing process of learning, assimilating and adapting. The way I read the cards today is different from how I read them yesterday. You're likely to discover that what you initially learn for the cards will also "mutate" along the way with your own fluid interpretations.
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