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Originally Posted by Gavriela
Those 36 symbols that were chosen as the Lenormand alphabet have all kinds of associations.
This is exactly what is bothering me. The 36 Lenormand pictures were chosen in the first place because they represented or symbolised certain things to the people of that time and place. Each might represent several quite different things, and I feel that I should try to learn as much as possible about each association in order to utilise the cards to the fullest extent. I am at a disadvantage, however, because I am living in a different time and place. If the Stork card means nothing at all to me beyond being a white bird with a vague association of bringing babies (which I always thought was just something told to children), I really don't have a hope of utilising the cards as they were intended.

I'm working my way through the cards one by one, and I haven't got to the Mouse card yet, but I already suspect that I will also have a problem with this card. Many years ago I hand reared an orphaned baby field mouse. It was left by my cats on my doormat, a tiny, unformed and embryonic oval-shaped blob, which every wildlife association I contacted told me could never survive. But it did, thanks to two hourly feeds with a miniature bottle, a special formula, and lots of sterilising of equipment. He couldn't be released as he had no fear of humans or cats and was scared of the outdoors, so I kept him until he died of old age. He was a beautiful and very intelligent animal - even as a baby he would come to me when I called his name. When I see a picture of a mouse I remember my little mouse, and I miss him, and I have no idea how I am going to associate the Mouse card with theft and robbery. Loss, perhaps, but my loss because mice only live for two or three years and he was with me for such a short time.

Originally Posted by silverr
Like the quote you offered about the stork being the enemy of snakes. That is so cool to learn - for me, at least - because now when I get Storks and Snake together in a spread, I'm going to specifically look for the more positive aspects of Snake rather than the negatives.
I find it hard to think of a snake in a negative manner at all. They're a natural part of the environment, and not only provide a food source to their predators but also help prevent whatever it is that they eat from overrunning the planet. They're also nice looking, and, while I've never touched one, I'm sure they feel pleasant to the touch. Lots of people have snakes as pets, and I find it hard to imagine that this would be so if snakes were grumpy individuals with bad attitudes.

I suppose what I'm getting at is that our modern interpretation of the cards might be quite different to what people had when the cards were first invented, and that also the meaning of any card will vary with the individual looking at it. Someone who has just been through a bad divorce will see the Ring or Heart cards quite differently to someone still on their honeymoon.
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