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The Visconti-Sforza Tarot in 3-D

Hello Everyone!

I thought I should give the Aeclectic family a try - with good reason and after some efforts I made.

I got permission from Alta by PM to post these JPGs I already made for a thread on under the same title - but I'll do it here in this forum for historical decks with "neutralized" (well somewhat...) texts.
Some statements that come with these JPGs may seem a bit ironical still though - because there is allways a backstory...

Of mine you could get a glimpse if you read another thread of mine on (Alta said linking there should be fine... ) with the title "Tarotée - The Back-Door To The Secret"

This topic here could be considered a "prequel" to that thread there. Some of you may have seen "Starwars" over the years and are already made familiar with that concept

So... I could really need some help here and because you have been around here and on the research road so much longer than I it could very well be that you have a solution to the problem this request is about.

Before I came here (and there) I asked a friend to write an e-mail to Mr. William M. Voelkle who serves as Senior Research Curator in the Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts section of The MORGAN ( on my behalf because I'm not so good with words.

Those who visited the "Tarotée - The Back-Door To The Secret" thread know that already.

Now I know of course that my request should be one of many - but while I'm still waiting patiently for an expert's response I thought I might give it a try around here since many of you seem to know these very special cards quite well.

So here goes my research...

(Anyways: thank you for your interest and clicking - but now to the pics... )

Every well thought-out "shuffling concept" shall be taken very seriously by me and would be an appreciated help in this precarious situation. For some stimuli you could have a look here:

Please enjoy

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