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This post could be called "secondary information".

The link to The MORGAN for those among us who do not do typing much and maybe looked more at the fascinating JPGs instead of additionally reading the accompanying text.

There they have a marvelous modern feature installed that is called "zoomify".

When you click on the assumed name of a "card" in the menu a new window with the picture of the "card" opens and above left hand is the option "Zoom".
Be patient now because sometimes it takes a bit to load but it's really well worth the wait!

Below the picture of the "card" are several "buttons" and when you "push" the "+" "button" you are in for a real treat.
You have the "card" under a microscope now and you can look at all the most intimate details a 500 year old entity never would show you with her consent I suppose.

You can learn about wrinkles and cracks and even the 3-D structure itself because when you max out the feature you can actually SEE how the hemispherical bumps in the golden kilim cast SHADOWS.

That is really fun - believe me!
And the best part is that you wouldn't have to take my word for it. Just do it yourself and be entertained...

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