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And here I bring you some more impressions from my visit at The MORGAN.

I couldn't help it this time. It was just too hard to stay on topic.
This post is about the thickness of the PMB "cards" - I know.
BUT this "card" is very unusual (even regarding the sole pole position of this special set of 74). The hints that I give here in the JPG "inscription" about said source are more fully referred to in: Tarotée - The Back-Door To The Secret at TH.
There would be much more to say about this "card" for sure.

One thing is that here the real change took place AEW was not fully informed about by his (free?) masonic sources - well - one PART of that change.

The function this "card" had in Milan was transferred in part to the later STAR(s) of the TdM.
So The STAR(s) got the numeral XVII in the TdM and this fellow got his brother back from The WORLD here in Milan and went to the TdM with the numeral XVIIII along with the other kilim structure behind their backs in Milan that became depicted on the TdM as a wall.

In other words you COULD say though that The WORLD of Milan BECAME The SUN when you look at the circular structure above the 2 (now in TdM terms) children on the TdM card.

Can you guess what really happened to Milan's setting SUN?

You see here that it is a little bit MORE complicated like in AEW's quite limited WORLD view

That is the truth on the surface for now - and you may go now and have a look for yourself.

The deeper layers would surely not fit in this tiny post - but there IS more still. Much.

If you want to you may have a look here too:
Page 8 of the thread - 3rd post from the top
JPG: 78 Shades Of "CHEM" - The REVERSED MAN (T-2)

There I show how the structure of the supposed 22 great secrets (in MY world) should be like with some exceptions I claim but don't show - but I ask the readers what COULD be wrong with the SYMMETRY.
Now you know ONE part of the deal!

More about The REAL GAME is strewn throughout that specific thread - but really not fully formed - just hints for the "gamers" and those who want to become.

An advice I would like to be duly noted:
Those who are interested should from time to time read through the 3-D thread on TH too because not all that is THERE is available HERE in this version - mostly conversational notes.

Alright! That was fun - wasn't it?

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