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Ah, the Visconti sun, my favorite. Note all the Orphic Mystery Religion symbology. These cards are just a treasure trove. I am curious as to why you would assume left means West. Since in the tropic of Cancer if you look at the sun directly, WEST is actually RIGHT. Do you know something I don't (using cartography/map logic maybe?)

This sun would appear to be moving backwards if you were in Italy looking up at the sky and saw that. The giant baby might also be a clue that one was on ergot or something

Looking forward to your take on the Devil which was lost. I do not like the hairy devil because I feel like it's a maligned Pan of Arcadia and if you examine the devils from that time they don't look the same.

I'm enjoying this thread but where is your thread on the REAL GAME? The link I had took me to another thread.

Jealous of your trip to the Morgan!
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