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Hi Naomi Ningishzidda.
(Do you prefer to be called by your full name or would Naomi do too?)

Thanks for your interest and reply. I hope though that it isn't disappointing for you when I tell you that this thread is not about the PMB "cards" one by one. The Pictures here from The MORGAN are meant as an "illustration" of the model of the 74 surviving PMBs that you see at the start in the 1st post.

There it is shown that it was impossible to use the 74 like cards for a mundane game at a table in anyway - like the JPGs show without a possible doubt when you follow through.
The JPGs from The MORGAN are only here to verify that my assumptions about the THICKNESS of each "card" that stems from their very specific make-up and is NOWHERE documented (I'm waiting still for a reply from Mr. Voelkle... ) are very near accurate and should add to a height of roughly 10 inches or 26 cm (roughly) for the whole pack of 74 surviving "cards" what makes it IMPOSSIBLE to use them in a normal game of cards because no human with his tiny hands could shuffle them (as stated above at the start).

Moreover you can see on the "zoomified" pictures that their all around structure and make-up is much to fragile to be used at a "gambling table" as "playing cards" after a giant has shuffled them for you.
So you see: This is more a "technical" topic - but it is related to the "Tarotée - The Back-Door To The Secret" at TH that is linked here often.

About your question why LEFT is WEST:

An excerpt from the text there that is about a map from 1482 that circulated in different translations and make-ups in Italy since 1410 (where it it was translated from Greek into Latin in Florence, Italy about 1410):

>> The most poular geographical work to be printed from movable type in the fifteenth century was Ptolemy's Geography or Cosmography. Originally compiled by the Alexandrian geographer, astronomer, and mathematician Claudius Ptolemy in the second century A.D., it was translated from Greek into Latin in Florence, Italy about 1410. The map of the world here reproduced, beautifully illuminated with twelve wind heads, is one of thirty-two maps illustrating the edition of the Cosmographia issued from the press of Lienhart Holle of Ulm, Germany, on July 6, 1482. Holle's edition was the first to be printed north of the Alps and the first to include maps printed from woodcuts. To produce his printed editin, Holle used a manuscript copy prepared under the direction of the Benedictine Monk known as Donnus Nicolaus Germanus. ... <<

The map:

I hope that settles your issue?

>> I'm enjoying this thread but where is your thread on the REAL GAME? The link I had took me to another thread. <<

I assume that you were at the correct place then because I check the links after I post them. (And in THERE you can find a LOT of other links that refer to that matter... )

>> Jealous of your trip to the Morgan! <<

That's sooo nice of you to say and it makes me a bit jealous too - because I went to The MORGAN with my keyboard - just like you could do too by following the given link and you have all the 35 "cards" they own at your fingertips

I hope I could have been of service


P.S. It just came to me where I read your name - it was on the Introboard and you gave a real good lecture about 93. I just wish that you would treat what is said here with a similar type of concentration.

P.P.S. About the "giant baby" that I forgot in my reply to your post: You may have noticed (or not? Because you said that The (Visconti) SUN from THIS special deck was your favorite or did you speak of another that bears "all the Orphic Mystery Religion symbology" that I do not recall at the moment? If so this maybe my fault!) that the "baby" "wears" wings? What should make him - like the 2 on "The WORLD" of Milan an ANGEL what usually means MESSENGER. From a "modern" and "reasonable" point of view it is totally OK to denote religious "visions" as delusional or a psychotic symptom loosely said - but not during Renaissance when every noble aristocrat would have killed for a man like the later Paracelsus in his service - so why would you mention ergot in this context (what I take for an expression for our LSD)? Given your real life (www) this sounds a bit "double-edged" taking your interests in the occult into account - no? Please correct me where I may have gotten you wrong!

P.P.P.S. I must add another thing Naomi. How could you ask for my take on The DEVIL of the PMB survivors when I always mention that the topic here are the real recovered 74 bee-ings and you already know that The DEVIL is missing - like you mentioned? Just out of personal interest I ask you this question
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