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Well I wish I would pay more attention too. You may call me Naomi although I do prefer Izi.

Glorious Orpheus was at the center of the Hierophant's Rites of Eleusis, and ergot was at the center of the party. It is really apparent you have got it all right about it not being a game, unless that game includes going to war with the Medicis/Venice. Dead men don't talk but, their art does to people who are able to understand its language.

You didn't get me wrong, I am just seeing what you are about. I did go back to the thread and read some more. It is very interesting and helpful to dig up the history of Tantric Alchemy in the West that was oppressed so systematically that the brotherhood had to colonize another continent just to reboot the Renaissance.

Reclaiming the Visconti history is an important part of erasing the evils of the dead and rotting god.

You seem to know what you are talking about and I want to hear what you think about the missing cards. The Devil recreations really bother me!
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