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Hi Izi! (I like that sound: it strikes like a LIGHTning!)

So you are back and with attention. That's a good thing too.

You should be careful though with some assumptions/interpretations about the purpose of the "cards" at hand here. Not everything is what it LOOKS like on the surface even to the trained OCCULT observer. So your text...

>> Glorious Orpheus was at the center of the Hierophant's Rites of Eleusis, and ergot was at the center of the party. It is really apparent you have got it all right about it not being a game, unless that game includes going to war with the Medicis/Venice. Dead men don't talk but, their art does to people who are able to understand its language. <<

...does lead you astray if you search for the REAL content here.

This goes DEEPER and IS very much OLDER.
1 of the scarce occasions when AC was right was when he referenced a culture (that just got a NAME shortly before he came to be) as ONE parent - The MOTHER he did not know about - but you can have a look at HER on another Visconti Tarot - thereat personified as The WORLD.

AND it is much more PRACTICAL than it LOOKS like.

It is a TOOL for SELF-Observance and SELF-Evolution in a clearly defined System that has nothing to do with the later numerals on them - or their later (or assumed) names - or later falsely assumed connections to Hebrew in the false places.

And (that was what Filippo was after - sadly - the most) a WEAPON to DESTROY and OWN your/his enemies on EVERY level they could appear in a life.

If you are interested in THIS content you really should have some more glances at the "Tarotée - The Back-Door To The Secret" on TH - there the hints are abundant to guide a seeker to the honey of the bees.
This topic doesn't fit in THIS technical matter. So sorry about The DEVIL HERE too Hon...

You said further:

>> You didn't get me wrong, I am just seeing what you are about. I did go back to the thread and read some more. It is very interesting and helpful to dig up the history of Tantric Alchemy in the West that was oppressed so systematically that the brotherhood had to colonize another continent just to reboot the Renaissance. <<

It seems that you didn't get me this or that much here and there Izi.
Nothing (as far as I remember) about TA there or here.
Your interpretations tend to put a spoke in your fast rolling wheels I dig.

The BRETHREN you mention that went to do as you say were not what you assume them to have been.
Otherwise The WORLD wouldn't look like IT does today.
IT is still under construction apart from political matters.
BUT another topic for ANOTHER thread here again.

This thread is as TECHNICAL as it gets. Caliper and shuffling is key Izi.
Still good to have you back - and being interested in something like this is a good thing too.


P.S. Since you are so interested in The DEVIL that wasn't recovered with his siblings here I thought I will cut you a deal: Open a topic with link here in the appropriate forum section in the best possible way with all your thoughts AND PICTURES you ponder and I will give you MY TAKE on The DEVIL that doesn't come HERE > there... Mhhh? How does that sound? Interested?
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