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Dr M E Jones has the key word as enlistment and discusses the symbol as a looking out for others needs and attending to them in an efficient manner...

Body Part Cervical veins (spinal nerves)

Element Red Calcite
Discussion Calcite is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, Calcium Carbonate is the chemical make up of Calcite. Spiritually, red calcite aids in courage, strength and increases energy to handle (particularly) survival situations. All calcite including red calcite aids in reducing stress, and aids in protecting and purifying.

To me this is a RED RED sybmol, that really red, blood, nurse, heart, healing RED - taurus red not aries red I suppose. ITs a sybmol of caring for or being cared for by someone.. yes a few people I know who have this in their SUN LIFE PATH OR CHIRON placement are nurses... healing, how important is that, rest healing, respite, care love and attention... in positive sustaining and beinifical ways. I suppose this symbol also means to me conventional medicine too..

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