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Originally Posted by Chiriku View Post
But I hope the spread can still be of use when the cards that come up are not as immediately comforting as one would expect. This is one of the many benefits of tarot--each card, in each position, can give us something useful and helpful to mentally "chew"
Very true. I tried this spread out a couple of weeks ago and was initially quite upset with one of the cards I drew : even at it's *best* how could I see it in a possitive light ?
It made me reconsider the card (and more importantly my relationship/reaction to the card) and that *comfort* is not synonymous with "cures all" ! I think the spread was asking me to take more responsibility, rather than expecting the clouds to open and be handed everything on a golden plate. (" Humankind cannot bear very much reality " ?!)

Thanks Chiriku
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