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Tarot of Prague book

I'm afraid Amazon don't have the book separately. We only printed enough for the sets, plus a few over. We do sell it from the site (quietly) as we tend to have one or two spares (usually when a set has slightly damaged packaging or we open a set for some other reason - then we sometimes can sell the book alone). The only problem is that it's a large book so we can't discount it hugely as postage is high.

We don't mind if people post bits from the book, as long as no-one scans in the whole thing! (which would be a rather long job in any case!)

Often I have pieces I can add. Recently I have been doing work on both Roma belief and on alchemy, so new facts and associations come up. We are going to be working with a writer in the New Year so hope that then we can get more of the new material either on to the website or into newsletters - with some help this will be easier.

I'll just pass on something that a wonderful woman we met the other day said to us (she is the elderly but still extremely active Professor of Roma Studies at the university here). She was born in Prague and has lived here for 71 years (mostly in the same house where she was born) and she said that EVERY time she goes out, she sees something - an image, or a symbol or a particular statue or carving or view - that she has never seen before. That is SO Prague - the city is unbelievably rich visually, but you have to tune into it to begin to see it. Wonderful place :-)
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