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Thumbs up Maks, hello

Maks, hi and welcome to the ToP Cafe.

I am glad that you're joining us. The ToP Cafe had been going for some time before I started posting, but, I'm glad to now be a part of it.

What I find, as I've stated in another post is that the cards do require a lot of thought when one is seeking revelation about a particular card. That's how it is for me, anyway. They are so in-depth and full of discovery.

You know, Maks, I was thinking, what do you think of posting BEFORE you get your ToP book? You could go simply on intuition and what you already know about "standard" meanings of the cards. That might prove interesting. The book is great, a definite worthwhile addition to your study, but, you wouldn't have to wait before giving us something to chew on in the meantime.

Just a thought, ok?
Re: Posting on a card a day - Wow, I don't think I could do that with this deck; I might be able to swing a card a week. I wouldn't want to give what for me would be a cursory posting on a card. They seem to require concentration and there is usually so much to look at. Well, I don't want to be redundant, but, we'll see how things go with the Cafe in the New Year. I would love to see you all manage the card a day, though. Busy, busy, hey, Jewel-ry.

Jewel-ry, you are putting me in mind of someone who sat down to a feast and whose eyes and appetite told her that she could contain more of the goodies before her than her stomach could reasonably hold. Yes, I agree that you and Maks and any others that plan to take on the Prague card for a day should wait until things are more settled. Ha.
One more thing. I recently stated that I prefer to post on a card before checking to see what others have written, but, I may have to amend that. I can't post fast enough and that means that I'm not able to partake of the myriad revelations that people are sharing. So . . . well, my reason was that I didn't want to be too influenced by what someone else got. I thought, post first then see how others' views are similar or dissimilar. Well, bunk that!! I'm missing too much. Oh well. At least I'm flexible, huh?

Enjoy your day, everyone.


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