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Originally Posted by TheLovers2
Maks, hi and welcome to the ToP Cafe.

I am glad that you're joining us.

You know, Maks, I was thinking, what do you think of posting BEFORE you get your ToP book? You could go simply on intuition and what you already know about "standard" meanings of the cards. That might prove interesting.
Thanks TL2, and I just wanted to second what you say. I sometimes hang back from posting anything here because I want to simply let the deck speak for itself. Alex and I still get surprises all the time - the cards have a life of their own that we feel goes broader and deeper than our knowledge of them. I don't think we "know" them better than any other serious user. So while the book will give a lot of the background information, and that can add a lot in one way, I think that if you simply go intuitively from the images, you will find a great deal of your own that's of value to this discussion.
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