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Originally Posted by Gardener
maybe we could start a "Card A Week" thread? That way we can each draw our own card but we can still comment on each other's draws. I vote for that! And I think baba-prague should join in, with her own weekly draw.
I second that motion, M. Speaker. A card a week thread, very useful. I am enjoying getting to know my Tarot of Prague, but would like to exchange my discovereies - and others - a bit more.

The book is great, btw, full of interesting titbits about Prague and the figures on the cards. I really like the pages given over to "More on..." (Wallenstein, the Golem, etc.). It's not necessary to know all that but I find it illuminates, rather than distracts from, learning to read the cards. But I agree, that getting to know the images without is an imaginative way of approaching the deck. It will whet anyone's apetite for the book, too, such is the welath of artistic and historical detail!
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