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Originally Posted by Vadella
You see off in the distance and old man with a huge, heavy sword but the calm angel steps in as if saying, "She's had enough." Maybe the Angel is the one who can come to her aid. Angels aren't always in the unknown, as we know... they can be in the form of a friend or a complete stranger.
When we were designing this card, we really wanted to include an element that to some extent gave hope in the midst of the grief (whether or not the grief is based in reality or hysteria, one question that usually needs to be asked about the Nine of Swords in a reading.) The angel - which is indeed "staying" the sword, is intended as that element of hope - and of compassion. Maybe it reminds us that in most situations we don't need to give way totally to angst - and it may be also that the things that feel like they are attacking us may also be halted by all sorts of agencies and influences that we don't expect.

I think I should also add that the colour of this card was very important to us when we were designing - it's the "blues" but it's also the grey of depression, and of a certain foggyness and confusion. Ironically (?) it's a beautiful colour - and although this card is not very welcome in most readings, I do think it's oddly enough one of the most beautiful that we made - perhaps this also has something significant about it?
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