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Originally Posted by Halloween View Post
Wow ! Thanks for the detailed reads ! Maybe I should change the rules of the game so people don't feel confined to writing only one sentence. I like writing as much as you'd like better !

Three of Wands

Best: The best thing that could happen this June for you is that something will finally "break through." A project that you've been working on with others will "collapse" almost, thus allowing you and your friends/co-workers to dive deeper into the rabbit hole. So in this sense, disaster would be a very good thing this June for you, because you're currently all about breaking new ground and trying to take down the defense.

Worst: The worst thing that could happen this June is that you'll have to find an alternative route with completing your project. Someone may come along and suggest something outlandish and it'll spark some excitement and progress, but some of you may be against this method because you're simply not used to it or comfortable with it. But it will work. It's just a matter of getting past your own limitations on the matter.

Best case / worst case scenario for meeting X in person this summer ?
7 of swords : ooooooooohhhhhh kay!

Best Case: is you are slipping away for a naughtly little adventure, just you and X disappearing from the world

Worst Case: Somebody is a 'dirty little liar' and there may be some cheatin' going on !

Q: Okay ! Best and Worst case scenario of G and I getting together?
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