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Originally Posted by Halloween View Post
I'm quite shocked by the reading ! Maybe I was thinking of a different "X" and you picked up on that energy possibly ? Oh my... this is quite scandalous. But not really. I don't condone cheating for the simple fact that it ends up hurting people, especially the 3rd unwitting party. Not worth it. Takes away the entire fun and beauty of being with someone you are in love/like/lust with. Dirties it. So... not an option for me... no matter how wonderful the person is. But the X I was originally talking about in the question ? I think it would just be a normal, cute little friendly adventure and not... erm... "erotic." He would never think of me in those terms, I'm almost positive about that. Which is awesome ! Can't wait to see what fun things are about to go down !

Six of Cups

Best: You two will hit it off GREAT. It will be like two old soulmates meeting again for the first time. There will be romance, passion, attraction and lots of your friends cheering the two of you on. Everyone will be infected by the loving energy you two give off. It will be beautiful.

Worst: The worst thing that could happen if you and G got together would be that it would be more sweet than passionate. Otherwise ? It would still be quite wonderful and fulfilling.

Best / worst case scenario surrounding me bumping up my exercise routine starting tomorrow ?
oooops... I got some kind of energy off of that card for you... I saw and started typing immediately... its a reflection of someone that's for sure

FB for me: awww... he's so sweet.. just a friend..but I have a big crush.. of course a sugary sweet card comes up for him... --- I need to drum up a lust card for him ;D

FOR YOU: 6 of wands:

BEST CASE: You will start what will allow you to achieve your fitness goals! This new strategy will motivate you and keep you on track! It will be a great start in the right direction.. You can see the pride and success.

WORST CASE: It starts out strong and then the energy find the results were good, but can't stay motivated and start looking for the next plan.

Q: I've been experiencing a lot of back trouble last few months, what can you tell me about best and worse case for me being able to participate in my friends race coming up in about 6 weeks?
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