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He uses the same method of reading tarot. It's more of a cartomantic approach instead of esoteric. So the suits have their elements, although in cartomancy it's traditionally different than tarot. Batons air, coins fire, swords earth and cups water. These elements are approached from a more practical perspective. Batons or clubs are used to build things, swords for digging and defence, fighting. Coins are mercurial fire, and are about cunning and exchange of money. Cups well never change. To be honest, he didn't learn from any specific place. We do exchange readings for fin between ourselves and in that way learn from each other, and he also has a madrina back home that reads the baraja as well. We have card readings with her as well. Dawn Jackson's hedgewytchery method is incredible for learning to read the baraja, in my opinion. Her site is now archived bit it can still be accessed. There are also threads on that here on aeclectic.

Also, the continental tarot tradition could be a nice addon. In line with Fournier's Gran Tarot Esoterico.
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