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Originally Posted by Migdal93 View Post
baconwaffles I'll keep that in mind! Not sure how to read the geometry though! But maybe some TdM books talk about that, I'll check!
Well, what I mean by the composition is how the cups, batons, or swords and coins are shaped and how those shapes work with the cards around them. In general, for me at least and in cartomancy in general, pips aren't read solo, they are read in combination. Try that out, and see how it works. Think about the tools themselves cups are for drinking, denote water, emotions, the heart, and how the cups are arranged and how that arrangement interacts with the cards around it. I would recommend my favorites and most direct and clear cartomancers, in my opinion, Camelia Elias and Enrique Enriquez. Also check Dawn Jackson's Hedgewytchery archive, there are threads here on aeclectic that talk about Dawn Jackson's approach as well.

It really is a lot of fun, a clear and pithy approach to fortune telling.
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