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Originally Posted by minrice View Post
Just to clarify, they are both related in the sense they are feldspars. From what I have found so far, the rainbow moonstone is just a more translucent, white labradorite while true moonstone is opaque and a different species of feldspar.

Here's an article:

I didn't know that Spectrolite was labradorite! Now I want some.
That's very interesting. Rainbow moonstine is a translucent labradorite. It seems like most moonstone jewellry and other stones sold as moonstone are in fact rainbow moonstone then. I need some opaque 'true' moonstone. Am I right in thinking moonstone is sometimes a peachy colour too?

Spectrolite is really lovely - I don't have any myself though. I think it comes in brigther colours than Labradorite.
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