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1. The issue that most urgently needs addressing- I have found that this spread works best with a question and kind of flounders without one. But, querents often find framing a question difficult, so I have found using this card as a way of discovering the question very useful.*
2. Obstacles that need to be overcome to resolve the issue
3. Lesson: what the querent can learn/discover as a result of dealing with the issue
4. Past events that have a bearing on the issue
5. Events of recent times that have led up to the issue
6. Future events/possibilities that will have a bearing on the outcome of the issue
7. Enviroment: what else is going on in the querent's life that is either helping or hindering dealing with the issue
8. What other people think about the issue and how this impacts on the way the querent is handling things
9. Secret hopes and fears about the outcome of the issue
10. Guidance card 1
11. Guidance card 2 - I tend to take these two cards together to read the outcome of the issue and how the querent can best help themselves in dealing with it.

*On occassions I've asked a sceptical querent to hold the question in their mind while shuffling but not to tell me. Nearly always the first card drawn reveals exactly what they were thinking of. This has been a great way of getting past the scpeticism issue, well, if they havent been completly freaked out by and ran for the hills!
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