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I have been reading through the postings on Celtic cross - the spread I think most of us start with - very interesting, and I will try some of the additions, I particularly like the idea of a shadow card. dadsnook2000 asked if anyone uses combinations of cards in the spread, and i have started this. There is a great articla in the new Llewelyn Tarot reader 2005, The Meta-celtic spread which talks about combinations.


The Centre cards (1 &2) are the heart of the problem, and correspond to position 7 Hopes and fears;
the four around it (3,4,5,6)are the 'neighbourhood', and correspond to 8, the view of others ( sometimes, in a more inner journey question, this card becomes the karmic view),
then take the three horizontal cards, numbers (4,2,6) and look at them as a physical world past present and future, corresponding to position 9, what you need to get through to achieve the 'prize" or end.
Finally, positions 3,1 &5 are the inner journey of past, present and future possibilities, culminating in 10, the final outcome.

I have found this perspective almost gives me a second reading from the same spread, and a great deal of additional insight. It often helps position a card that doesn't seem to quite fit in the spread at all.

Thanks for all the tips!

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