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My celtic cross looks like everyone else's. I am not very good with ASCII art so I'll just explain the positions as I go. First, the Querent card is at the center, covered with card 1, crossed by card 2, card 3 is underneath, card 4 behind, card 5 above, card 6 before, card 7 to 10 lead up the staff to the right. For me card 1 is the current situation, card 2 are the influences opposed to that, or working to change the situation, it is always read rightside up if I am using a deck in which that matters (in my case Rider Waite) card 3 is the root of the matter, what has brought the querent to where they are. Card 4 is an influence that has been important but that is passing away. Card 5 is a possibility, or a suggested course of action. Card 6 is something that will come to pass in the immediate future. Card 7 (the bottom of the staff) is the Querent's fears, card 8 is how others who are important regard the situation, card 9 is the querent's hopes and card 10 is the final outcome.
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