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Celtic cross

Well I've been using the spread recommended by the book of Luis Royo's Black Tarot. The outcome is surprisingly accurate!

So I'll put it down:

***********11 Now the meaning:
***********10 1-Describes the querent concerning the question
***********09 2-Environment surrounding the querent
***********08 3-(crossed) what blocks the achievement
*****6****** 4-What's behind the question, the unconcious
************ 5-What happened in the past (inluences)
5** 1/2 (3) **7 6-Influences in the present or near future
************ 7-What will happen in the future
*****4****** 8-The querent's biggest fears concerning the question

9-The social and familiar environment
10-The querent's desires towards the question
11-The sintesis

If you have any questions...Feel free to ask
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