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Thank you all very much for your kind words!
I am very much encouraged now to get my act together.

I am not really set against people using them to just feels all very personal I suppose. I hope I finish them just before I die...XD...(joke) Certainly its going to take me a while to figure out what to do about the Pip cards.

Actually it was my second Devil that freaked me out last year. Still not sure what to do about that one! Post it I suppose sometime, and let it freak everyone else out instead.

I always work 35cm X 50cm on rag paper with gouache/watercolours/ink. Too big really. Its another problem. Should paint them smaller because when you shrink the detail all gets lost anyway. I'll post some detail images soon and you'll see what I mean. Thing is I really love doing the details, it's like a mantra. Each card has to have its detail challenge, its heroic element. It infuses it with a living energy.

As for the Hexagram on the Queen of Cups its Crowleys association. He gives all the court cards Hexagrams, and they fit well.
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