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There's no consistent view of zero degrees. The traditional view would be that Venus becomes more concerned with Libra whilst in the last 3 degrees of Virgo (28th, 29th and 30th), though some authors would see Venus as being all Virgo to 29 degrees 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and only Libra from zero degrees.

You will find some modern authors who seem to see Venus losing it's Virgo influence around the last 5 degrees or so and gaining a Libra influence in the first five degrees of Libra, a sort of gradual change over.

my personal position is that the last degree of a sign is the important one, and when the planet reaches 0 degrees of the next sign then it is fully in that sign. So your Venus is fully Libran in nature.

I have two planets where this situation is relevant. My Sun is at 29 degrees 45 minutes of Libra and I see it as adding a Libra overtone, rather than a Scorpio one (it's the only planet in Libra). My Jupiter is at 29 degrees 59 minutes of Scorpio and I see it as partly Scorpio and partly Sagittarius in nature - it's not as benefic as it should be if it was in Sagittarius but it's more benefic than it would be if it were wholly Scorpio. However in both cases the difference in effect could be due to other factors. I have Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, so there's a definite Scorpio tinge to my chart. Also I have a night chart, so Jupiter would be less benefic anyway and the Sun less influential than the Moon.
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