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Originally Posted by Alisa13
I love this card! I think it is an elegant joke. The fact the client has been shopping is a sly pun on those who, if they don't like the cards dealt, deal again until they get the answer they want!
With the green dress, rose and purple hat is the package bearing lady the client or the reader? This points out the theme of free will in 2 ways. One, clearly by the look on her face and with her hand resting on her chin in an "I'll ponder that" pose she looks in complete control of herself and what she expects. Two, she looks like the type of client who would argue if you didn't tell her what she wanted to hear. I haven't been in that position yet being a Tarot neophyte, but I do feel sorry for those Professional Tarot Readers who get clients that try to take over the reading!
The Old Woman intrigues me. Even with this possibly difficult client she KNOWS her stuff. Even if the client took over the reading the Old Woman would just give a wise Crone smile and let her go, knowing that the Fates will do as they will, not as the client wills. I feel this is reinforced by the light coming in from the Old Woman's side, while the client has the skull to remind her of eternity and the experiences of life that are not under her control.
Also - being a Tarot-holic, I really want to know what Tarot Deck they are using!
I was thinking much the same. My first thought was that this client does not belong here. But, when people get desperate, they try things and go places that they normally would not. The beauty of that scenario, is that we find enlightenment and help in some of the oddest places and/or from them most unexpected sources. The client, though she may be out of place, seems to be paying attention, even if to argue, and that is the most important thing.
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