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Bohemian Gothic Tarot study - Three of Cups

At a waterfall that passes through a craggy chasm, a place of wild, romantic, untamed beauty--just a little threatening--three sisters pose. It is almost sunset, as is borne witness by the moon almost in first quarter, seen in the sliver of sky just visible. Standing with their backs to the pool on its rocky edge, the girls are dressed lightly and lacily in trailing pastel dresses, with white shoes, more suitable for a summer's day at a garden party than for a picnic, and no doubt getting a bit chilly in the damp and shade of the evening as they are. A bevy of bats flies down through the gap; creatures of the night, they are awakening from their hanging-spots on the cliffs. The eldest girl raises her left hand makes a perch of it, inviting a bat to alight, as if it were a bird. The girl standing before her in a mauve dress holds a large glass chalice, with an ornate brass base. An odd thing to bring on a day's outing. Is this a spa with healing waters, and is this chalice used for drinking them? The girl seated on the cold rocks is perhaps the most interesting figure. She wears the same hairband and bow as her young sister, but looks directly at us, sizing us up, with...shall we say...a rather "sophisticated" expression for one her age. She holds her left hand out as though she is holding an invisible cup, herself. She's already drunk this water, hasn't she? I'm not sure what's in the water, but somehow I don't think it's simply health-giving properties! Her dress is the same colour as the eldest sister's; aqua [water]. Will the girl in the mauve dress, holding the chalice, look at us with the same over-wise expression once she's had a few sips, and will her dress suddenly turn aqua? Let's all do something unwholesome together, girls!
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