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I have no idea if this is related but in the Middle Ages people were persuaded that look said a lot about people's true nature. Those with blond hair of course got all the qualities, those with dark hair got tons of bad rep but those who got it worse were those with red hair, representing the flames of hell, they were suspected of tons of bad things going from witchcraft to being werewolf.

There is a strange coincidence because in traditional playing cards meanings the Queen of Cups, the blond woman, is a good person while the Queen of Spades with black hair is a terrible person.

For those who had the bad luck to be disabled or really sick it was telling people they had a dark heart and fully deserved what they got.

In other words, the little red headed girl on the card is more than suspicous. She may look sweet now but who knows how she will turn out, maybe the card is about turning back the clock and remembering how she used to be before...
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