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Thumbs up Letting Her Hair Down!

Dude! By jove! I think you've found the key in your point that she's holding a ribbon!
Originally Posted by WolfyJames
Since the ribbon seems to be going behind the pillar behind her, sometimes I think she's being strangled. It's possible she played a game where someone covered her eyes with that black ribbon and she discovers too late she is trapped there now, she wonders where she is and what will happen to her.
The plot thickens! I checked out a blow-up version on line (it gives a close-up of the girl's face and hands and such). She doesn't seem to be strangling, panicking or terrified. The position of her arms and hands isn't that of frantically grabbing at the ribbon (and I agree, looking at it closer, I think it probably is a ribbon rather than her hair). From her expression and hand position, it looks like something has gotten lose rather than tight.

I love the suggestion that it might be a blindfold she removed, or something coming from behind the pillar--and that someone might be behind the pillar there (although the sun isn't showing their shadow). Alternately, given her pose, expression and what she's doing with her hair....Maybe she's just let down her hair? Released it from bondage? In many of these cards we see women with hair tightly coifed, pinned and tied up--also in tight clothing that makes it hard to raise their arms that way. But her hair is down, the arms raised and showing that they're free and can move (unlike the bound-to-the-body arms of the RW 8/Swords image). And there is that flirtatious look. Maybe the usually trapped lady of the 8/Swords has released herself?

Often the message of the 8/Swords is being bound by what people say--caring about what they'll think of you and trapped by that concern. Maybe this card is going in the opposite direction. This girl doesn't care what people will think or say of her, she's letting down her hair, wearing a bold, scarlet gown, maybe meeting with someone alone and unchaperoned in the crypt.

Who cares what anyone thinks or says about it? Hmmmm. I'm changing my story! I'm liking the idea of this card being the opposite of the usual 8/Swords image; the message, after all, is the same. Don't let yourself be trapped by fears of what others may think or say about you.
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