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Having read this thread out of curiosity, I am struck by how varied people's reactions to it were/are. We all seem to put our own ideas of what we believ lies behind the veil into interpreting the card, and I am no different, so I thought I'd share.

I love this card. Someone mentioned that it didn't seem to belong in the deck, and in some ways it doesn't, because all the other cards are about continuation. Even the other challengers are about facing aspects of our selves that we don't want to face, and Death is the only card that does not have a face for us to face (well, except the singers and the Rarr --- though if I look closely, sometimes I can see faces and beings within their light, too, but I digress).

Death is the only faceless card. Not because she (to me it is a she) does not have a face to show, like the singers and the Rarr do not have recognizable faces, but because she has chosen to veil herself.

I don't believe she is veiled to scare us --- quite the opposite, really. She is veiled to protect us from the unknowable, from the things that our mortal minds cannot fully grasp while retaining sanity. She also veils herself to protect her own mind, from the physical aspect of her duty, the actual act of bringing death to indidiviuals, for to see the anguish and the anger of our final moments, or the sorrow of those left behind, over and over again would surely invite madness. How much easier is it to blame the faceless? To not to have to put a name to our anger, to make it tangible and real? How much easier is it to blame than to accept the inevitablilities of life: accidents happen.

And yet, though veiled, she is not blind. She sees beyond the suffering, something better, someplace happier, sometime more dreamed of. What does not kill us makes us stronger, but that which we do not surive brings peace, adventure, dreams come true. Death cannot promise this for us, but beneath the shroud, she hopes.

On another train of thought, She does not take from us, but she helps us to let go of those things we need to leave behing, or that need to leave us.

The globe in her hands. Someone said it looks like an apple, another said it was our fragile little lives. I believe it is the hope of the future. It is marked (in my mind) like a skull, that fagile capsule that holds all potential of thought (i.e. our brain), imagination, intellect, and, most importantly, understanding: for while we cannot yet understand what lies beyond her veil, the ability to understand is held gently in her hands waiting until we are ready to step into the unknown. (In contrast, as it was mentioned before, I do not believe the Faery Godmother holds the same globe: hers is a pearl, the promise of material wealth, contrasted with the apple, the promise of good health: an apple a day...)

Those are my thoughts on this card.
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