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I received this card for today. I have not read what others wrote so far, I just want to record my first impressions.

If I put my thumb on the name of the card so that I don't see it, I see a dingy figure entirely swathed in a grey drape which covers all, including his face, holding in his draped hands a ball.

To me this figure is fear. Not naked fear - but fear that comes as a ghost in the night, the anxiety that keeps you sleepless, the fear of night, the fear of morning, the fear of life itself.

And what do we fear more than death, real or metaphorical, that comes to us unknown, in disguise? We fear what comes after. Our little lives, like the ball in his hand, are so fragile, so easily dropped...and that is what we fear - to be dropped into an abyss.

I fear that after this phase of my life, which is coming to an end, there will be the abyss. A dark grey fear, a fear that clutches me as the figure clutches the ball.

I must pull another card, to conjure this fear. But it is good to look at it and name it.
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