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I was thinking about a better face for Death.
I pulled the next card in the pack.
The Faery Godmother.

And I almost shouted out, "YES!"

The Faery Godmother could be a Death card. She is what I would want the Fae to see when Death comes for them.
A reminder of what life was like, a gust of winds from the First Forest and the sound of the Owl, and the gentleness of her eyes, as she lifts them up and asks them to choose, one last time, choose..........

There are Birch trees behind her...I wish I could remember what I know about Birch trees, but fertility comes to mind. The fertility of what it means to be Fae and to die, probably in the little patch of dirt or the pond or the nest of leaves or the stand of mushrooms or high up in the sky...and suddenly the breath just escapes away and the Faery Godmother comes in a swirl of silk and light and beauty, and asks you her question, like a Sphinx or a Goddess.

And then time freezes and all of eternity appears before you and all of time winks past and you are gone. And maybe the orb in the Faery Godmother's hand glows a little brighter, or the apple if you bit it, tastes a little sweeter.

But the Grey robed thing with the ball....that isn't a Faery Death.
It it is something else.
something I have yet to name.
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