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The High Priestess is a no II card and twos also signify duality and so our HP shows us an awareness of duality within, of her unconscious and her conscious. She recognizes both of these and understands that she can meld them to work in unison.

I'll come back later when I have more time I would really like to look at this card in some more depth.


Ok I'm back I love the way this HP floats in her moon boat across the water, perhaps indicating the depths that exists.
The water I note is a rich green colour and green is made up of blue associated with the heavens and yellow the earth and could well indicate here the duality that exists and how they can merge together.
That rich deep purple robe she wears surely indicates here her wisdom and maybe her authority of esoteric knowledge, it can also be associated with the crown chakra and again alludes to subconscious/higher self and conscious meeting.

The full moon hangs in the back ground, perhaps suggesting that the secrets revealed to the HP will bring fulfillment. She clutches that book close to her and it bears the alchemical sign for water suggesting to me that she is in touch with her emotions and feelings.

The HP has a passive energy and in her silence she meditates knowing that the real power lies within her depths. She appears on the surface to be inactive and yet she is active,(the moon boat moves, yet she is still) knowing that only you have the key to unlock those hidden talents that lie within she is the one who encourages us to approach our life in a fresh way that maybe places trust in one's intuition rather than logic.

Pollack said of the HP and I can't remember from where
The secret of the High Priestess is simple that no fixed rule defines existence, no absolute truth. To know reality we must flow like water and open our souls to the pulse of life
This Alchemical HP image certainly feels like she is able to flow like water.
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