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The High Priestess stands robed with raised hood in a crescent-shaped boat surrounded by an ocean. Her left hand makes a motion as if to warn us, quiet. Her right had holds a closed book emblazoned with the alchemical symbol for water, and a full Moon is prominent behind her right shoulder.

The High Priestess stands in full virtue robed from head to foot and floating on a sea of unconscious thought. The closed book indicates hidden knowledge. This card is a personification of Levi's four words of the magus: to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silence. The knowledge is the unconscious ocean and the book that she holds close. She dares to venture into this vast expanse of water in an unstable craft. It is her will alone that sustains her as the wind whips her robe in the moonlight. Hush, she cautions; there is danger in a loose tongue. It is better to keep silence.
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