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Court Card Party

Deck: Old Path

I feel attracted to the Queen of Cauldrons (cups). She seems so loving and open. I see aspects of myself that I want to develop.

I would like to avoid the Knight of Rods. His fiery temper seems about to flare up at any time.

I feel uncomfortable with the Knight of Cauldrons. He seems too needy for love, smothering, clingy (see my dialogue for further examples)

I feel happy and talkative with the Queen of Rods. She has a girl-next-door feel about her. The type you plop down on the bed with and talk about guys, hopes and dreams, etc. while doing each other's hair or nails.

I feel secrecy and solitude about the Queen and Knight of Pentacles. The Queen seems wistful, and the Knight like he is perfectly happy and comfortable when by himself.

The Queen of Swords seems like she could be quite rude at times, the King of Pentacles seems actually snobbish, and the Pages of Swords and Pentacles seem too involved with their own lives to be bothered by anyone else.

I feel welcomed and warmed by the Queens of Cauldrons and Rods. They are definitely the hostesses here. (I don't know how to better explain that; it just fits)

I also felt compelled to add another dimension
I feel protected by the King of Swords. While he is calm, almost reflective, his sword is at hand to defend any who might need defending and to maintain the peace.

dialogue to follow
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