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Court Card Dialogue

Deck: Old Path
Cards chosen: Knight of Cauldrons & Queen of Swords
Topic: the Nature of Love

<in a dark hallway just off from the main ballroom>
: Milady, come away with me . . . I implore you!
: Go with you? Certainly not! What would people say?!
: I don't care what others say as long as we can be together!
: Dear boy, we could not be together. I am a queen; I have responsibilities, to my king and my kingdom. And you are much too young for me. And . . .
: <interrupting> Please my queen, do not go on. <falling to his knees> I love you! I am your servant! I'll do anything to be with you.
: <smiling wistfully> I do not need a servant, but a man who is my equal. Someone I can share my life with, not someone who gives in to my every whim. How can I explain this so that you'll understand? <sigh> Your "love" is like a raging river, roiling and crashing, powerful -- but always moving, changing. I want, no I need a love more like that lake over there <pointing out the window>, smooth and deep, maintaining its sense of self. True a gentle breeze will stir the surface, the ripples slowly spreading out, but not changing the depths of the emotion.
: I can do that! I can be anything you need me to be!
: <gently> No, you can't. Not yet anyway. Maybe when you've grown, experienced more, then you'll understand, and you'll realize that it is better this way. But not now. It's not in you now to be the man I need you to be. <kisses the knight softly on the cheek and returns to the party>
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