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Court Card Conversation #2

Knight of Swords and Knave of Cups

KS: I can't believe I have been out on campaigns all day and here you are playing with stupid flowers. What is wrong with you!

KC: I simply cannot bother with those dirty little campaigns of yours. I am always soiling my clothes and I can't abide that helmet! It gives me terrible hat head.

KS: You sniveling little twit! I ought to pee on your flower garden. That'll give you something to smell! Or shall I bring the hounds around to fertilize the place for you?!

KC: You wouldn't dare, you filthy fiend! This is a sacred place where I come to commune with my Higher Power. To defile it would be a sacrilege!

KS: Ooooh Defiling, now I'm into that! If there was such a thing as a Higher Power, they would never commune with such a dolt as you!

KC: Oh go away you little turd and take that filthy animal with you, you're both stinking up my garden and destroying the ambiance!

KS: Ok, weasle, we'll go. I hope you like the little gift we left you, it's still warm!

KC: Good riddance to bad rubbish! I don't care if I never see you again!

KS trots off on his horse snickering.
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