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Kris Hadar responded immediately and generously to my e-mail, in which I asked him about Rusty Neon's question. I am posting in the next post his reply in French, and in the following post, my translation. Thank you to firemaiden for having read through the latter and for suggesting improvements.

If anyone sees that I should have translated something better, or sees any glaring mistakes, they are please to PM me and I will correct the translation accordingly.

Kaz has been kind enough to put the images that Kris Hadar sent on one of her web-pages. I will give the link to it in both posts (French and English).

Kris Hadar will be only too happy to respond to any of our questions, but is unable, due to a lack of time, to become a member of Aeclectic. I will be happy to relay your questions and to translate the answers. I want to thank Kris Hadar for his willingness to share his knowledge and insights with Aeclectic.
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